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Buckhead Auto Sport provides expert Audi Repair Services to help you protect your investment.

Keeping Your Audi the Road Leader

Since 1996, the ​Audi A3 has seen many different iterations, from the early hatchback models to the compact, sporty models seen in dealer showrooms today. The A3, increasingly popular with both sports car enthusiast and families, was even awarded the prestigious World Car of the Year top prize in 2014. It has earned high marks for safety and drivability in Consumer Reports as well as Car and Driver Magazine. But even the most finely tuned and expertly designed vehicles such as the Audi A3 will eventually require repairs and maintenance; this is where Buckhead Auto Sport comes in.

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Keep your Audi in top shape with expert care

As with any car, keeping your Audi in tip-top condition requires maintenance. Regular oil changes, fluid checks, tire rotation, seasonal maintenance and brake care are required to keep your Audi running well and living up to its name. It can be tempting to swing into any neighborhood repair shop or franchise for a quick and easy once-over. Fine European vehicles however, require expertly, trained technicians not found at just any car repair shop.


Buckhead Auto Sport prides itself on having the know-how to treat you and your Audi the right way. Our team knows the ins and outs of not just Audis, but also Land Rovers, BMWs, Mercedes, Jaguars and all European performance vehicles like no other. We provide a level of service and customer care not found at just any old repair shop. One feature that Buckhead Auto Sport offers, not found at other repair shops, is our concierge

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Audi Service fit for your schedule

No more spending hours in a repair shop lobby waiting on your car repairs “to get done” or rearranging complicated schedules to fit your car’s maintenance in. With the Buckhead Auto Sport Concierge Service, we will pick up your car for you; handle all the repairs of maintenance and deliver it back to your doorstep for no more than the cost of the actual car repair service.

Your Audi is more than just your car, it is an investment. When it does come time for repair and maintenance, you want to make sure that investment is put in the right hands. Buckhead Auto Sport is the number one European vehicle repair and maintenance shop in Atlanta. Whatever your Audi needs , Buckhead Auto Sport is the team you know you can trust. Give us a call at 404-252-5493 or send us an email at

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