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Buckhead Auto Sport provides expert Porsche Repair Services to help you protect your investment.

Porsche Repair and Maintenance Tips: Keep Your Porsche in Great Condition

All cars, no matter how pricey they may be, will eventually have problems – and the Porsche is no exemption. If you are not careful or proactive enough, even a brand new car is bound to experience some mechanical hiccups along the way. To save yourself from some major headaches, you need to truly understand your car and have it checked by a professional Porsche repair specialist at the first sign of trouble.

Common Porsche Car Problems    

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According to, while there are only a few complaints for Porsche cars in general, the 2011 Porsche Cayenne has the most number of complaints on file. These may include:

  • Engine problems (engine died, engine stopped due to thermostat malfunction and valve noise)

  • Windows/windshield problems (excessive windshield wind noise)

  • Premature brake wear

  • Overheating

  • Transmission problems (jerking/vibration)


Despite the potential problems, owning a Porsche is a dream come true for most people. Let’s face it; a Porsche is not just another car. It represents the highest degree of quality, comfort and speed, and scores of people would likely list it as their “dream car”.

Maintenance Tips for Your Porsche

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Proper maintenance is the key to keeping your car in great condition. With proper care, you can increase your car’s lifespan and enjoy it for years to come. Consider these car maintenance tips:

  • Check oil level before refuelling and change oil regularly.

  • Check tire pressure at least once a month. Don’t allow your tires to go under-inflated since this reduces fuel efficiency and tread life, and affect your car’s handling and stopping ability. Significantly under-inflated tires may also lead to tire failure.

  • Check your brake pads regularly.

  • Check all exterior lights. They can determine your safety, especially while driving at night.

  • Rotate your tires every 5,000 miles.

  • Have your spark plugs checked by a professional Porsche repair technician to make sure they are in proper working condition. 

Your Porsche is an amazing piece of technology so you’ll want to give it the proper care and attention it needs. If you are in the Greater Atlanta area, you can trust Buckhead Auto Sport for all your Porsche repair needs.  


At Buckhead Auto Sport, we are committed to providing personalized Porche repair and maintenance service. So, if you are in the Atlanta, Georgia area, call us at 404-252-5493 or send us an email at to make sure your car receives the service it needs with the highest quality it can get – for less!

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