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Buckhead Auto Sport provides expert Mercedes Repair Services to help you protect your investment.

Servicing Your Mercedes Benz: Some Basic Facts to Consider

Owning a Mercedes Benz is a dream come true for most car enthusiasts. This is not surprising since these European cars embody unparalleled craftsmanship, style and performance.


These powerful machines are also unique since their internal parts usually last longer than those of an American car. A Mercedes Benz requires longer periods between servicing so you only need to make an oil change every 10,000 miles or once a year. The transmission fluid needs to be changed after 50,000 to 100,000 miles, while the brake fluid needs to be changed after 20,000 miles. In addition, the spark plugs need to be serviced only after the car has traveled 90,000 miles.

Despite these impressive facts, the Mercedes is not invincible. The cost of repair and replacement parts can be very expensive so be on the lookout for any warning signs. For best results, consult the owner's manual and perform maintenance checks on a regular basis.

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Caring for Your Mercedes Benz

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  • Perform basic checks. Check oxygen sensors, coolant hoses and temperature as suggested in the owner's manual.

  • Keep it cool. Run the air conditioner for at least ten minutes per week since non-usage will cause the hoses to dry up and shrink, and may lead to component failure and loss of refrigerant.

  • Check your oil. Getting the oil changed can help lengthen the life of the engine so make sure you follow the schedule as suggested in the owner's manual.

  • Show your tires some love. Aside from ensuring a safe and comfortable ride, caring for your tires makes them last longer. It can also improve your car's fuel economy.

  • Keep it clean. Keeping your car's underside clean and dirt-free can reduce the risk of rust damage so get into the habit of hosing it with a powerful jet once a month.

  • To get the highest quality repair service for your Mercedes Benz without that heart-dropping price, call Buckhead Auto Sport at ​​​404-252-5493 or send us an email at You can trust us with all your car service needs. That's a guarantee.

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