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Buckhead Auto Sport provides expert Range Rover Repair Services to help you protect your investment.

What makes the Range Rover different

 from Land Rover

If you are anything like the average consumer, chances are you can’t tell the difference between a Range Rover and a Land Rover. Are they the same vehicles? Are they offshoots of the same brand, like Toyota and Infinity? The Land/Range Rover question is one that that must be tackled when considering a new vehicle purchase, but the search for said answer can often feel like the Riddle of the Sphinx. Luckily, Buckhead Auto Sport has you covered; we are using the release of a new 2017 Range Rover model to springboard into detailing just what everyone wants to know: What’s the deal with the Rovers?!

It is easy to see why consumers are confused on this issue. The cars look the same, cost a fortune, are made in the UK and almost always come from the same dealerships. Some might jump to the conclusion that one is a cheap knockoff of the other, like buying a TV made by Magnetbox, Panaphonics or Sorny. Though the simplest explanation, that isn’t the case; the Range Rover brand is simply an offshoot of the Land Rover line of vehicles.

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The history of this luxury vehicle

Now you know the secret that has plagued mankind for decades, but what you may not know is how all this came about. Land Rover, as a company, began with their Series 1 model. This boxy vehicle was primarily used for agricultural purposes so as the Land Rover company began to grow, they sought to build a model more suited for city and highway travel. And thus, the Range Rover line was conceived. These original Range Rovers became a success in the 1960’s and led to Land Rover’s refocus from agricultural vehicles to luxury SUVs. These days, the Land Rover brand fills the off-road luxury SUV niche, while Range Rover is aimed at more urbane, city-focused luxury models.

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There you have it; the answer to a question we are sure has crossed your mind at some point or another. So, if you are a current Land or Range Rover owner, or looking to become one, you’ll want the best shop in town to keep up its maintenance and well-being. Look no further than Buckhead Auto Sport! Give us a call at 404-252-5493 or send us an email at and let us help with everything your Land or Range Rover may need. Now you know the difference between these two brands, why not see the difference in quality between us and all the other repair shops in town. No matter if you are home on the Range or living off the Land, Buckhead Auto Sport is there to help keep that SUV on the road for years to come.

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