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4 Simple Steps To Prevent Auto Theft

Your car represents many things in your life beyond a mode of transportation. It’s part of your style, your personality, and your very livelihood. You’ve invested money and time into your sports car. Don't leave that investment vulnerable.

What are you doing to protect your investment?

In 2014, the Georgia Bureau of Investigated cited over 26,000 auto thefts. If your car is integral part of your life —especially if it’s a sports car! — taking preventive measures to ensure your car stays safe is key. During the summer people are more prone to committing crimes.

Here are some very easy, no nonsense tips

for keeping your sports car safe.

Common Sense – Among other safety precautions, always remove keys from the ignition and keep doors locked when your vehicle isn’t in use AT ALL TIMES

Warning Device – Install anything from an audible alarm to a steering-column collar to tell car thieves your car is protected.

Immobilizing Device – Use smart keys, kill switches and other tech tools to prevent a thief from bypassing the ignition and hot-wiring your car.

Tracking Device- Install this to send a signal to police or a monitoring station if your vehicle is stolen. In a few states, it could even qualify you for an additional discount on your auto coverage.

and most importantly . . .LOCK YOUR CAR.

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