From oil changes to full engine builds, Buckhead Auto Sport is the team to trust.

You bought your European sports car because it is unique, fierce, and luxurious. When it comes to European Sports Car service, you need a sports garage that recognizes and provides your car’s special, exclusive service needs. 

Buckhead Auto Sport specializes in providing services for European cars such as:  


Buying A New Car?

When you buy a new car, you're not locked into using the dealership for regularly scheduled maintenance. The benefits of using Buckhead Auto Sport are simple:

  • Using BAS for scheduled maintenance will not void your new car warranty.

  • Personalized 1-to-1 service where you not just a number, you're a valued customer.

  • Faster service repairs with skilled techs that know your vehicle. 

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Meet the Team at Buckhead Auto Sport


Stephen Adams, Owner/Operator of Buckhead Auto Sport – After working all these years in Buckhead, I haven't seen a shop that provides customers with the personal touch and concierge service that I have provided for my customers over the years. There should be a shop you can call in the middle of an emergency or a last-minute trip out of town to have your car checked out and not have to wait 2 days, like what most shops do. And that’s exactly why Buckhead Auto Sport was created.

Our schedule works around your schedule. Life is not predictable, and not everything can be planned. So when you find yourself in a bind, call Buckhead Auto Sport and we'll get you back on track.

Stephen Adams


Tyler Wood

 Service Manager

Matt Davis